Who Are We?

OCD Coffee Club started out as The Official Coffee Diet by Rob Dionne. In a nutshell, the diet was a combination of Intermittent Fasting, Paleo(Whole Food) eating and drinking delicious black coffee every morning.

Unfortunately finding delcious black coffee in the supermarket wasn't easy and buying coffee from local cafes was not only expensive, but it was inconvenient. Rob decided to figure out how to roast coffee at home so he could control the quality of every cup. He immediately started sharing his coffee with friends, family and clients and OCD Coffee was born.

While OCD did start out as the Official Coffee Diet, it's evolved over the last year into something else...a COFFEE OBSESSION.

What makes OCD Coffee so good?

While OCD Coffee technically stands for Official Coffee Diet, Rob's level of obsession with good quality beans and extraordinary flavor profiles is borderline compulsive.

While roasting beans isn't that complicated of an endeavor, to be great at it becomes an art form.

Our coffees are so good because we believe in choosing the best beans and roasting them to their most expressive potential. While some corporations source their beans from low altitude growers in order to speed up the growing, processing and roasting, we choose our beans based on altitude, quality of the farming and processing methods. Roasting to a dark roast, like all big corporations do, just hides all the imperfections and makes even the lowest quality beans all taste the same.

We generally never produce dark roasted beans unless they are unbelievable exceptional at that roast temperature. For that reason, ninety five percent of our production is somewhere between a light and medium roast. This guarantees the ability to taste all the available nuances these fantastic beans have to offer.

Our mission is to give you the gift of a fantastic cup of coffee every morning. Something that will bring a smile to your face the moment your alarm rings. All the most successful people we know have a little OCD in their life, you should too.

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